Ultrasound Cavitation Cellulite Reduction


Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment is a completely non-invasive treatment for the reduction of body fat. A course of Ultrasound Cavitation could help clients to reduce inches and reshape their bodies. The treatment is pain free, non-surgical and there is no recovery time.


Ultrasonic Cavitation is able to break down and shrink fat cells in the area you are looking to improve. The treatment is safe and effective without harming any other cells in the body. The contents of the fat cells are safely eliminated through your lymphatic system or used as energy.


Ultrasound cavitation is effective at treating large areas of fat, is effective on cellulite and can be combined with other fat loss and RF skin tightening treatments for best results.

Prices -

30 minutes - £75

60 minutes - £115

Please contact us directly for combined treatment prices


How does ultrasound cavitation work?

Ultrasound Cavitation utilises ultrasonic waves to disrupt the fat cells. The ultrasound wave creates a vibration within the fat tissue. The fat cells cannot withstand the vibration and the lipids (fat) inside the cell leak out into the space around the fat cell.

The lipids release into your system and are burnt off as calories, the remaining free fatty acids are a natural waste product that travels via the lymphatic system to be flushed from your body.

What happens during the treatment?

During the ultrasound cavitation treatment, the practitioner applies ultrasound gel and a specially-designed hand piece to your skin..

You may feel slight  warmth, but no pain. (It’s unlikely for the hand piece to become too warm. However, should it feel too warm, we would apply more ultrasound gel to your skin to help cool it down.)

How long the treatment takes depends on the size of the area and the thickness of the fat layer, but most sessions last between 30-60 minutes.

Are there any side effects?

Ultrasound cavitation is a safe, non-surgical procedure that has few if any side effects and little or no downtime.

The ultrasonic energy levels created by the device are carefully controlled to target only specific fat cells and not affect other organs or tissue.

You may experience short-term, mild redness, and some patients report feelings of thirst and nausea. You can help to resolve this by drinking water immediately before and after the treatment.

Before and after your ultrasound cavitation treatments

We recommend that you drink about a litre of water before and after the treatment session. This will help your body to naturally eliminate the emulsified fat.

For best results, you should not drink alcohol for two days after the treatment. The alcohol may interfere with how effectively your liver removes the emulsified fat cells from your body.

We also recommend that you maintain a healthy, low-calorie diet and take regular exercise such as walking or other aerobic activities. Both of these will further help your body to process the fat after the treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

For the best results, we normally suggest a course of between 6 and 10 treatments.

You need to allow at least 48 hours between sessions, to allow your body to completely eliminate the fat.

How long do the results last?

You will see some results from ultrasound cavitation after the first one or two sessions. However, the benefits will continue to be increasingly evident over the whole course of treatment.

Results of body sculpting can be long lasting, but depend on a number of factors. These include the area treated and the individual’s underlying tissue structure, age, metabolism, medication and changes in hormones.

You can help to maintain the results most effectively by keeping to a healthy lifestyle with a low-calorie diet and sufficient exercise.

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